The W.J.Jeffery bolt action rifles are available as the perfect African Battery, which is a matching set of 5 rifles in the calibers .243 Win., .300 Win., .375 H&H, .416 Rigby & .500 Jeffery.
The rifles are also individually available in most calibers. All rifles are intended for the serious hunter and feature Mauser square bridge actions and match grade barrels. These rifles are individually hand crafted and the stocks are made from premium English walnut.
Jeffery scroll engravings and the caliber engraved in gold on the floor plate are standard features. Further engravings, upgrades and custom fit cases are available. The rifles with calibers up to the 375 H&H feature banded rear sight ramps and Express sights. The big rifles are furnished with quarter ribs and Express sights. All rifles have banded flush front sight ramps.
With scopes installed by request.
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Classic square bridge Mauser rifle, caliber .300 Win. Mag.
Square Bridge Magnum Mauser, caliber .375H&H
Square Bridge Magnum Mauser, caliber .416 Rigby
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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
W.J.Jeffery rifle, cal. .500 Jeffery. With Mauser magnum square bridge receiver.